PagoDIL The new Castelletto service to semplify payments!

Pensate a quel Evento (Cerimonia, Compleanno, Festa, Nozze, etc) che desiderate tanto… o al Trattamento Estetico che stavate rimandando da tempo…  ora è possibile acquistarlo, senza pensieri! Grazie all’accordo con Cofidis, Il Castelletto ti offre la possibilità di dilazionare il tuo acquisto senza interessi e senza alcun costo aggiuntivo. L’importo viene suddiviso in piccole quote addebitate ogni mese sul tuo conto corrente. Non hai bisogno di mostrare la busta paga. Facile da attivare, rapido da ottenere.


What is PAGODIL?

It is a facilitated payment service without interest

For wich services can I request it?

For Events organized at Il Castelletto Restaurant and for Aesthetic and Wellness Treatment Packages at our Celebrity Spa




To pay comfortably in monthly installments, without interest! You got it right: interest-free!

IT IS NOT A FINANCING it is simply a service for our Guests!

Pagodil is the facilitated payment service that allows you to pay for your purchase by paying the sum in small installments. All you need is an ATM, that’s all! So the purchase price will simply be divided into small refunds and you won’t have to think about anything! Convenient isn’t it?

What do you need:

  • The Bancomat (Pagobancomat circuit) and your IBAN code
  • Your cell phone.
  • Your Tax Code
  • A valid identity document: identity card, driving license, passport.
  • The outcome of the transaction is in real time. There is no need to fill out any contract, just a simple signature on the POS receipt.



We are waiting for you and for more info call us at +39.02.905.2940