Business Lunch ... a partire da € 8


The Business Lunch & Dinner has become a custom for business and non-businessmen, who wish to have a quick lunch or dinner without neglecting quality, in an elegant and reserved environment. Here’s what we can offer you:

  • FIRST MENU (First course + 1/2 lt. Water + coffee) € 12.00

  • SECOND MENU (Main course + side dish + 1/2 lt. Water + coffee) € 15.00

  • FULL MENU (First course + second course + side dish + 1/2 lt. Water + coffee) € 20.00

  • SINGLE DISH (Single Plate + 1/2 lt. Water + coffee) € 15.00

Every week our restaurant offers the opportunity to have lunch or dinner with a dedicated menu, favoring particular budget and timing requirements.

Always fresh, high quality products with particular attention to food intolerances. We have convenient outdoor parking and two floors of internal garage available free of charge to guests. The Business Lunch & Dinner is available for lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday. Cover is always included.

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