Baby Birthday

Baby Birthday @IlCastelletto
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Entertainment for children (visible at the bottom of the page)

Baby Birthday
We organize birthday parties for children of all ages!

Children’s party schedules:

From Tuesday to Friday from 16.30 to 19.00
Saturday from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm and from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Sunday from 16.30 to 19.00

For the little ones

With us you can organize an afternoon with friends, an informal refreshment with music and lots of fun to have fun. The service life is 3 hours. Possibility of support staff of animators, not included in the price and on reservation. Possibility to organize festive aperitifs for adults as well. For the following buffet solutions is required a rental space and service cost of € 80 (the room will not be exclusive).

For the Greater

From simple full-board pizza turntables. So many proposals for all tastes.
On Saturday night live music with entertainment.

PizzaParty with Giro-Pizza

Fagottini and olives ascolana ready to table.
Giropizza (assorted pizzas) at will … until you say enough !!!!

Fries, sorbet. 1 drink or ½ natural water and coffee included in the price.

1 drink or ½ natural water and coffee included in the price.
PROMOTION: For GiroPizza over 30 guests or for GiroPizza between 18.00 and 20.00

PizzaParty with Appetizer Giro-Pizza & Buffet

1 Alcoholic or non-alcoholic aperitifs, Olive oil, pastel and fried vegetables, flake-cascade flakes, cheese cheeses on corn cheeses, rustic Chef’s. Fagottini and olives ascolana ready to table. Giropizza (assorted pizzas) at will … until you say enough !!!! Fries, sorbet.
1 drink or ½ natural water and coffee included in the price.


Pasta with tomato / white,
Cutlet with fries,
Ice cream, water, 1 drink.

Want an exclusive room?

It is possible to book an exclusive room for your party.
Those who prefer can only ask for the rented room and the service of our surveillance staff or to combine one of our refreshing drinks. Exclusive room rental

Animation Proposals

Base Party:

Games of chance (racing games, banner, obstacle games, attention games, laughing games) are offered for a traditional party.

Music is always present thanks to a small stereo provided. In addition to creating the atmosphere and scoring the different moments, such as the many wishes and the opening of the gifts, it also serves for group dances and to make the speed tests more exciting.

Great finale with balloons sculptures. On request you can customize the party with a creative lab!

Chef for a day!

The celebration is great and guests can cook with the help of a cook who will follow them in all their creations. With pie hands the fun will be assured!

Clown Party and Mixed Arts: this is a most sought-after holiday.

They are entertainers with a ten-year experience in the field with both young and older children.

A professional plant and a microphone are used, creating a more “television” atmosphere. Involving games and mixed arts such as juggling, fire, small magic experiments, puppet show, soap bubbles, and creativity outside the scenes. Possibility to create a treasure hunt and themed workshops.

Magic Festivals:

Music becomes the ideal background for enchanting and having fun with the motion games with which the performance is intertwined. In this way, more dynamic moments and more static moments are created, in a balance that helps keep the concentration and involvement of children high.

The celebration or celebration becomes the special wizard’s assistant, experiencing a real adventure.
We have more classical magicians, more comical and others who are real fantasists.

Party Pirates:

Ready to become pirates or innkeeper? A treasure awaits us.
Are we ready to go? Well, you must first prove to the Captain that he is bold and not afraid of anything. Between gags and lots of laughter, you’ll be kicked with tricks and magic tricks until you get a really unique gift: the pirate-themed bandana-made fire pot.


From the reign of ice a surprising party with hans, Elsa, Anna and Olaf. Does Elsa succeed in making Hans good and managing his powers?


Start the party with the word of Violetta.
Welcome party of the first guests. At the arrival of most of the guests, the party begins: a series of games (tractive themed and not), dancing, singing and acting challenges to become true stars like our Violet.

Also classical and themed group dances (small “star” choreography).

Masha and Orso:

In the heart of the Enchanted Wooded Woods there is a pretty cottage made from the trunk of a tree: it is the Bear House. Today Bear decided to do a great job, go find the magic strawberry in the secret garden of fairies. The magic strawberry is very famous in the Enchanted Wood because it is said that whoever can find it and cook it can receive
Again this time Masha will combine a terrible mess that will put the entire Bear’s kitchen together!
Someone has to help Masha and Bear! Welcome, themed games, balloons and makeup sculptures.

Feast of Favola:

In a far castle a Princess is sleeping, but the dragon Falcor has stolen the court jewels in his sleep. Will the children, together with the prince, get them back?

Super heroes:

Finally they came: Power Rangers, Batman, Ninja Turtles, Cat Woman, Spider Man, Gormiti and Micky Mouse.

Magic Super Hero Party:

A magical treasure hunt composed of a show of magical magic and the appearance of two super heroes introduced by gag by the magician who propose simple games to make us also us brave and courageous as heroes.
A beautiful blend of magic and shots between laughter and the other. Fun, original and absolutely addictive.

Superhero Feast Base:

Comprised of a series of motion games and superhuman surprise action skills that will provide us with secret clues to continue our challenges.